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Gorgeous Ideas for your May Bank Holidays

Gorgeous Ideas for your May Bank Holidays

It’s May! – two long weekends to enjoy, the sun is shining and hopefully we can even get the BBQ out  - definitely the perfect time to enjoy a cold crisp G&T. We've got some great ideas of things to do this month. 

1. Go on a Picnic
Visit the beach, stroll through a forest or just head to your local park. Get out and about in nature over the long weekends and relax. Make these delicious Rhubarb & Raspberry gin iced cupcakes to go with your sandwiches Just don’t forget the blanket!

2. Try a new cocktail
Gin is incredibly versatile and can create some gorgeous cocktails for you to make at home. They don’t have to be complicated to taste great. Try our Crown the Rhubarb with only three ingredients and no fancy equipment required.

3. A movie and Gin
From black and white classics to 21st century rom-coms, there are so many great movies that feature gin! Gin fuels some of the most iconic scenes in movie history, so why not watch The Great Gatsby, Casablanca or of course, featuring one of the most famous gin-drinkers in history, Casino Royale.

4. Upcycle an old bottle
Here at Green Farm we focus on sustainability. We love the thought that our customers are reusing our beautiful bottles in new and creative ways. There are so many things you can do with our empty bottles (now you’ve enjoyed the contents!). Grab your stickyback plastic and get inspired.
 Use the bottle as a vase – nice and simple, pop in some flowers and voila!
 Create a thankful jar – fill the bottle full of little notes of joy and thankfulness
 Make a light feature – pop in some lights on a wire and see how beautiful it looks in the evening
 Turn it into a liquid soap dispenser – you can buy pumps to fit the bottle online

5. Grow your own garnish garden
You’ve got the gin, you’ve chosen your tonic, now you need the garnish – why not grow your own? Pick up a packet of seeds of your favourite herb and sit back and enjoy watching your garnishes grow. All you need is a few containers – clean yoghurt pots work well – and some compost. Water regularly and you’ll soon have fresh leaves to pick and pop into your glass.

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