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21st Century Responsible Distilling

The biggest energy usage at any distillery is the still itself. We use the energy-efficient iStill. The iStill’s design, insulation and computer controls means, using up to 5 times less energy than a traditional still, our distillery is always literally (& metaphorically) cool!

Our Head Distiller Ian uses his experience and that of his team to review existing recipes and trial new ideas using our second smaller development iStill.

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We forage at Green Farm and the surrounding countryside through the seasons for hedgerow fruits and botanicals to use in the creation of our products. Once gathered, we dry or freeze them to preserve and concentrate flavours for the distillation or steeping processes.

Traditional Steeping

The business began by scaling up traditional kitchen recipes and techniques to make quality liqueur products. Today, we still follow those award-winning methods.

The core element of our liqueur making is macerating or steeping whole fruit in small batches over a period of months. This lengthy process, along with regular stirring, allows the product flavour to fully develop and mature.

Taste every batch

At the end of the process, every batch is assessed for taste and colour. Joff is the key person for this but we all have to get involved now and again…. Sometimes it sharpens the mind!

Second-hand Sloes

We re-cycle, re-use and re-purpose whatever and wherever we can – we don’t like waste. Our tastiest use of re-purposing comes with our second-hand sloes!

Our skilful team have developed innovative recipes using the gin-soaked sloes (too good to throw away!) to make our unique and award winning Sloe Gin Chocolate Truffles and Sloe Chutney.

Waste not, want not.

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