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Strawberries and a Cocktail – Sloemotion Distillery

Tennis, Strawberries and a Cocktail

Wimbledon is all about tradition – tennis whites (so bright you need sun glasses to watch them play), strawberries and cream and the code of conduct for the infamous queue (who knew that was a thing?). We want to start a new tradition this year with something new and very exciting. Our Hedgerow Strawberry is a limited-edition, vodka-based drink made with Annabel’s Deliciously British Yorkshire Strawberries, a perfect collaborative product for the summer time. Annabel’s amazingly delicious strawberries are grown just 30 miles away from the Distillery and we only use the “wonkier” fruit to save it from going to waste. Our Hedgerow Strawberry is delightfully fruity with the red-berry flavours of fresh strawberries. Serve with lots of ice, sparkling elderflower, berries and a sprig of mint. It looks gorgeous, tastes delicious and is simply perfect as a summer cocktail!

So this summer, even if you’re not at Wimbledon (it’s a long drive from Yorkshire!) but you love watching the tennis, here’s our top tip - sit back, relax and watch it at home with a beautifully blended Hedgerow Strawberry drink. We can’t guarantee the sunshine (this is the British summer after all) but we can promise you a good match 😊

Fun tennis fact: court-side visitors will eat an incredible 28,000kg of the red berries over the course of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament, usually with a little (or big) dollop of cream! 

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