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Re-purposing Hedgerow Gin bottles: - Sloemotion Distillery

Re-purposing Hedgerow Gin bottles:

Never wanting to see our prettily decorated Hedgerow Gin bottles go to waste, we often turn them into useful vases for hedgerowy displays on our bars at music festivals and events – in particular, our wonderfully decorated bar at the brilliant Deershed music festival  (back in the days when we all went to festivals!). Here they are in preparation before the start of the festival, lined up in our Cocktail Tent... and yes that's sunshine outside!


Another use of the gin bottles is as an original candlestick! Very useful for outdoor eating when the warmer weather begins – just think ice cold, refreshing G&T’s, tasty summer salads and long, sunny days leading into warm candle lit evenings – are you there?


Many people let us know that once they’ve enjoyed their gin, they add little, white fairy lights into the bottle to use them as a pretty outdoor light. These are easy to find online and come with their own stoppers. The last method of re-purposing that we’ve heard about is to fill an empty bottle with extra virgin olive oil and add a pourer on top – there you have an oil pourer and a very pretty one too!



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