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Becoming B Corp - we start this March. - Sloemotion Distillery

Becoming B Corp - we start this March.

Every March, the global B Corp Community join together to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp - 4,600 businesses so far are registered worldwide, with 650 being in the UK. These are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

This March, we begin our 'journey' to become a B Corp. Joff our Founder is in regular communication with Better Not Stop, an agency who work with companies worldwide, helping us implement even more sustainable strategies and frameworks - Hannah Cox from BNS has said; "it's great that Sloemotion Distillery, who have already achieved a lot, are joining us on this journey."

We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

How do you like our Botanical B?  #BehindtheB


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