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Hello from Joff

Hello from Joff


Joff here, I’m the founder of Sloemotion Distillery and I just wanted to send you a quick message to say a very Happy New Year and thank you for buying our products!

The business began in 2002, almost by accident, when a farming initiative I was working on to improve wildlife habitats resulted in an abundance of sloes. I grew up drinking my father’s home-made Sloe Gin, so an idea began to take shape and Sloemotion Distillery was born! We’ve come a long way since then; expanding our range of liqueurs, then distilling our own spirits and won some prestigious awards along the way. But, those fields, meadows, woodlands and especially the tangled hedgerows in North Yorkshire that provided the inspiration for the business are still at the heart of every decision we make.

We use a highly insulated, energy-saving, eco-friendly iStill to make our products so NO energy-wasting copper still here. All our waste solutions are carefully considered, for example, all cardboard that we can no longer use goes into local pig sheds as bedding, then it’s composted and returned to the land as a soil conditioner. Our waste water, high in fruit sugars and nutrients, feeds a local biodigester to create energy. I work with Richard, who manages the land here, helping to create lots of other wildlife habitats all over the farm like wild bird feed crops and wildflower meadows. You can read more about these and our other environmental and social commitments in our ESG report here.

As you know, we're a small independent business, so we're really grateful for all your support. We'd love to hear more from you, so please do get in touch to tell us what we're doing well, or not so well. If you have any tips or suggestions, just drop us an email at info@sloemotion.com. Oh, and if you like what we're doing, please do tell your friends and help spread the word! You can find us at many Food Festivals, music events such as Deer Shed and – hopefully – in your local farm shop!

We really hope that you enjoy our spirits and liqueurs as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

Cheers and a very happy new year!


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