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Little Joys of Lockdown - Sloemotion Distillery

Little Joys of Lockdown

We’re wondering how everyone is getting on during this third lockdown?

Here at Green Farm, many of the Sloemotion Distillery team are working from home during this time, however our production team is fully on site and in full pelt! We’ve got to keep producing all our tasty tipples for you our loyal customer.

But for all of us, and that means ALL of us, in the UK, there’s a feeling of ‘we’ve got to keep going’ and keep our spirits up (sorry for the pun!) Whatever it takes, you have to go easy on yourself and give yourself those little perks you deserve.

They’ve been named the ‘little joys of lockdown’– we’ve all got them; from that favourite shower gel, to that first sip of coffee, to a daily walk outside or a voice note from a friend – whatever it is, it’s something to keep us going.

We asked around the Sloemotion ‘office’ and here were some of the little joys:

Joff has mastered the great lockdown loaf – weekly Sourdough in his household,

Claire treats herself to bunches of tulips,

Rachel has Frank her miniature dachshund looking lovingly at her each day and Elise has taken up the keyboard….

1,000 piece puzzles have been finished, snowdrops spotted in the garden, cocktail creating, feeding the garden birds, listening on Audible to favourite old stories, soup making and weekend mountain biking…to name but a few.

Hang in there and don’t forget to treat yourself to a few little joys – treat it as nourishment for the soul!

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