They may be small – but we think they’re perfectly sized website

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They may be small – but we think they’re perfectly sized

They may be small – but we think they’re perfectly sized

For the important events in life that we want to celebrate with friends and family; a miniature bottle of our Hedgerow spirits or liqueurs is perfect as a lasting memory of your special occasion.

Giving a small gift as a token of appreciation to your guests is a lovely way of thanking them for taking part in your day.

The very first wedding favours date back centuries ago and were known as 'bonbonnieres'. Given as a symbol of good luck, traditionally the guests could look forward to sugar cubes or sugared almonds. As a modern update, we think your guests would love our miniature spirit or liqueur bottles.

Our fantastic miniature bottles are available in packs of 12 (sorry but we can’t mix flavours in packs), each bottle contains 5cl (a double measure) of our delicious product.

Our Hedgerow spirits are inspired by the hedgerows of North Yorkshire where we have abundant botanicals to add subtle tones and flavours. Our Hedgerow gin has gentle floral, herbal & fruit tones including apple and elderflower with a dry but delightfully light and smooth finish. Or try it’s summery sister Hedgerow Rhubarb & Raspberry gin and it’s autumnal cousin Hedgerow Blackberry & Apple gin.

Our liqueurs are where it all began for the Sloemotion Distillery. Our conservation work on Green Farm ended up yielding lots of fruit on the hedges (whilst also helping the local wildlife) and gave us an idea for a little business! Twenty years on we’re still making our Sloe Gin in the same way; hand-picked, hedgerow fruit steeped in our own Hedgerow Gin with a bit of sugar – how our country fore-fathers have made it for centuries. We have added to our range over the years with a Damson Gin, Cherry Brandy and Bramble Whisky.

The bottles may be small, but the beautiful product that’s inside is big on flavour and even bigger on heart 😊

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