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Love your Dog! It’s National Walking The Dog Day

It’s a special dog day, time to put on your walking shoes, grab the lead, pocket some doggy treats and head outdoors!

We all know that our dogs LOVE going for walks! February 22nd is National Walking the Dog day 😊 Celebrate this delightful-doggy-day by walking a different path or trail, discovering a new area of town or going out into the countryside. Dogs are highly inquisitive animals and love discovering new things; their daily walks allow them to check out the sights and smells around them and spend quality time with their proud owners (that’s us!)

As much as we love our daily dog walk, it’s so nice to get home, take off the boots and woolly hat and enjoy a treat. It’s still a little chilly outside, so warm up with one of our fruity liqueurs made using fruits and botanicals foraged from the hedgerows. Try our deliciously smooth Damson Gin. We thought we’d honour this amazing and bountiful fruit by steeping it in our classic juniper led Hedgerow Gin, but to distinguish it from our other liqueurs we lowered the sugar levels to make a delightfully dry, liqueur. Or try our warming velvety Sloe Gin & Elderberry which uses two of the very best Hedgerow heroes; whole, handpicked sloe berries and elderberries.

But don’t forget your canine companion! Our local pet shop is Linton Pet Shop in Malton, they have a fabulous range of doggie treats, snacks, leads, coats and lots more, check them out here Linton Pet Shop | Malton | Facebook.

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