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ITV's Love your Weekend - Sloemotion Distillery

ITV's Love your Weekend

We had a very exciting Sunday morning a week ago, when our Bramble Whisky made its’ debut TV appearance on ITV’s Love Your Weekend. We were contacted by TV’s Andy Clarke, who had spotted our bottles out and about, and was keen to feature the Bramble Whisky during the programme in a 'Fruity Tipples' slot.

Joining Andy and Alan T were the popular actor Stephen Mangan (ITV’s The Split, Hang Up and of course Episodes!) and also the legendary Frank Bruno (“Sloe what I mean ‘Arry!”). It was so exciting seeing our Bramble Whisky be so properly enjoyed and discussed; "bright and fruity with a smooth, buttery texture. It's such a great sip," - thanks for the endorsement Andy!

The response was overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who watched the show for buying bottles and bottles... it was extremely exciting and made for a very busy few days!


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