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It's Strawberry Season - Sloemotion Distillery

It's Strawberry Season

In a first for us, we have partnered this summer with the innovative Digital Media gang at Sorted Food to create this delicious Strawberry Gin Liqueur. Sorted are a group of four mates doing incredible things on their YouTube channel and with their global community. 

Check out their channel here

In 2021 we were thrilled to be featured in one of Sorted Foods ‘New Food Trends’ videos, where they highlighted the importance of protecting Britain’s vital hedgerow habitat. This led to Ben, the on-screen chef at Sorted, to pay us a visit in August where he walked the Hedgerow’s with Joff, talking in more detail about our shared passion for the environment and high-quality produce. Little did we know where this would take us…

When Sorted Food reached out and said that they wanted to work with us to create a product in collaboration with Sloemotion Distillery, we knew it had to be something the Sorted community would love as well as highlighting one of the biggest issues facing the food and drink industry today…

Food waste!

Sorted Food’s SIDEKICK app is revolutionising midweek cooking for people all over the world and tackles the ever-growing issue of food waste for thousands of people.

Click here to learn about Sidekick

With this, and our own eco conscious practises in mind, we reached out to local fruit producer Annabel from Annabel’s Deliciously British with British strawberries in the forefront of our minds. 

Click here to learn about Annabelle


After Wimbledon and various other summer events in 2021 were cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, strawberries and other seasonal fruits were at risk of being thrown away. The food distribution charity FareShare reported that in 2020-21 they received 3,679 tonnes of surplus fresh fruit. Eight times more than the year before! Annabel, who is a third-generation farmer as well as the founder of her company, froze her surplus strawberries last year, preserving the delicious, sweet fruit to be used later. These are the heroes of our Sorted Food Gin liqueur.

Finished with gentle vanilla and warming black pepper to create intrigue, this strawberry liqueur is THE taste of summer.

Try it neat over ice, paired with a premium apple or pear cider, or spritz it with Prosecco or Champagne. We have even added it to a summer berries pavlova and a Jubilee trifle.

With BBQ and garden party season upon us and Wimbledon taking off, be sure to grab a bottle for your home bar! 


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