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Here's to the Hedgerows! - Sloemotion Distillery

Here's to the Hedgerows!

This September, a timely launch to coincide with the ‘hedgerow harvest’, the CPRE have introduced a hugely important campaign to help tackle the climate crisis. Their aim is to increase the number of hedgerows to be planted and restored by 2050. Follow their hashtag #40by50.

We came from the hedgerowsour business was created as a result of a farm diversification project trying to improve wildlife habitats. The hedgerows of North Yorkshire and in particular those around Green Farm provide constant inspiration to us, every day, every season, every year; our Hedgerow Spirits range is distilled using hedgerow botanicals foraged from around the farm; including elderflower, rosehips, crab apples, nettle leaf, play a key role in the elegant and subtle taste of our Hedgerow Spirits.

Of course, September is when the hedgerows are at their prime! From brambles to berries, hips to haws, the hedgerow harvest is there for the picking. They add beauty and character to the countryside as well as free bounty to foragers and crucially, providing homes and habitats for wildlife throughout the hedgerow year.

Celebrate with us on Hedgerow Day on September 26th.

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