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Give it up for the unsung heroes - Sloemotion Distillery

Give it up for the unsung heroes

At Sloemotion HQ, here at Green Farm, you’ll often hear Founder Joff using the phrase “if you love Sloe Gin, you’ve gotta love moths!” Despite butterflies being famously pretty, the unsung heroes are the moths!

Moths do most of the pollination of blackthorn (the plant producing sloe berries); so when the fabulous blossom was out, which we all enjoyed in April and May during lockdown,  the moths were busy drinking the nectar and inadvertently pollinating the plants, thereby creating plenty of sloes for us later on in September…..that’s what we want!

Seeing plenty of moths and butterflies is a good indicator of a healthy biodiversity; put into layman’s terms, if you see plenty of butterflies, it’s evidence of a healthy environment.

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